Monthly Archives: November 2019

auto_nfs woes

So, I recently updated to macOS Catalina. For the most part the update went really well! I’m enjoying a lot of the little features like dark mode and the updates to Siri.

By and large, I’ve enjoyed every update along the way. Until now.

When you break my automounts and nfs, this makes me grumpy. It was nice to get a heads up saying “we’ve moved your modified system files over here…”. Great, I can fix the automatic changes.

When you patch the OS and then silently remove my changes, this pisses me off.


I had to add the following line to auto_master

/-  auto_nfs    -nobrows,hidefromfinder

and the following to auto_nfs

/System/Volumes/Data/private/nfs/Videos -fstype=nfs,noowners,nolockd,resvport,hard,bg,intr,rw,tcp,nfc    nas:/volume1/Videos
/System/Volumes/Data/private/nfs/Stuff  -fstype=nfs,noowners,nolockd,resvport,hard,bg,intr,rw,tcp,nfc    nas:/volume1/Stuff

And finaly a “automount -cv” to kick the mouts and make them behave.

Note, I used to put my nfs moutn at root “/” but thanks to the OS changes, I had to mount it to “/System/Volumes/Data/private/” which is accessible as /private/nfs/… Not a huge loss but kind of annoying.

But at least I got my mounts to work… again. And again…