Adventures in Ansible

Recently had some fun with the homelab and Ansible. While getting nrpe to work with Nagios, I found myself on one box, testing, and updating. After I got the nrpe.cfg set up just right, I started the daunting task of pushing the new file out to the rest of the Linux hosts.

even over nfs, it”s daunting.

Enter Ansible. I already had ssh keys set up and sudo access across the board. Five minutes later I had an Ansible Playbook that pulled the updated file to the nfs mount, then turned around and copied the updated file into place with a service restart after.

Pretty darn slick if I do say so my self.

I didn”t post about it, but I also have a sysprep script for raspbian and ubuntu fresh installs that sets up my account and copies the public key into place along with a host of app installs and service updates.

The process of setting up a new Pi is now cake. The only per-requisites are enabling ssh and installing the avahi-daemon so it can be found by it”s default system name.