Moar Upgrades: storage edition

So I’ve been facing a long-standing issue with the web server. When accessing a few directories, the latency in command execution would be horrible. Doing an fsck didn’t help. Fortunately, I migrated it to a DeskPi Pro some time ago. One of the nice features is the ability to use a standard laptop SATA drive, which is what I was using. It also came with a SATA to M.2 SSD adaptor.

I decided I’d had enough and made the migration to M.2 storage. I was able to snag a nice drive for about 75% off over Black Friday Sale.

Did a fresh install of 64bit RasPiOS, copied over all the necessary files, and installed Docker. I could not be happier with this decision. All the command latency issues disappeared. Even the lag issues in VNC vanished.

I ran some tests on the old drive and, not only was it ancient, but it had started to fail which was the cause of all the issues it was having. Very glad I replaced it.

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