web gallery aternatives

I’m undecided if I want to keep gallery3 or not at http://pics.wtfwasithinking.org.  The code was last tweaked over a year ago.  It’s stable “enough” but uploading from iPhoto isn’t getting any easier.

Funny thing though, all the alternatives I’m finding seemed to have stopped production in 2013.  Most recent Stable releases are from 2013 for just about everything I’m seeing.  I find this a) kind of odd and b) slightly troubling.

Is 2013 when the book of face made photo sharing usable on their site?

Obligatory first post

Instead of that wonderful little “sample post” that WP provides automatically, I’m giving you this, until I get off my ass and start pushing out content.

Life is finally allowing me some time to get back into experimenting with the blogging thing.