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macOS and Docker woes

For the past three weeks I’ve been struggling with getting a puppet instance up and running in Docker on my mac. Then spent too much of my weekend trying to get glueton and transmissions to cooperate in Docker. Hours were spent scouring google, forums, tech sites, etc. The only answer found was, “must be a […]

BTT for MacOS

Today I’d like to sing the gospel of BTT(BetterTouchTool). I have seen the light and it is BTT. Upon hearing news that my favorite browser cut about 250 jobs, it left me in a bit of a panic. My favorite feature was a hidden feature that only worked on MacOS, which was a two-finger twist […]

more automount madness

So, I’m dense, but I finally found out how to properly mount NFS shares to macOS. Turns out it’s much simpler and hopefully will keep automount from pegging my cpu like crazy. Permanently mount an NFS share: Connect to the NFS share as explained in the previous procedure. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups. […]