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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Do you know what is a REALLY good idea to have when your neighborhood has occasional brownouts?

Take a guess.

Do you know what helps protect your 3D printer and octoprint server from someone accidentally flipping the wrong light switch?

Go ahead, guess.

Do you know what helps you connect to the rest of your network so you can hurriedly shut things down when you have a neighborhood power outage?

Guess yet?

Did you guess a UPS? Good for you! You got it!

Yes, after too many close calls and losing 8 hours on a 12hr print, I’ve finally put the Snapmaker on a UPS, as well as the router, web server, and cable modem.

Now, I know that in all likelihood, if there’s a neighborhood outage the cable line will lose power too, so I’m really not betting on having 30min of internet access while waiting for the power to come back on. (though that would be pretty cool)

To Do:
some sort of monitoring on the big ups downstairs that will tell the two PIs to shut down 15 min after the power goes out so I don’t have to scramble in the middle of the night.

Migrations and Upgrades

Well, it’s only upgrades if you look at the power the web server now has.

I have finally bitten the bullet and took steps to retire the ESXi server that had been hosting my web server and my windows VM. I will miss the compute power that I had at the ready, but anything that will need that much power, could probably be done on the new MacBook.

“But what did you replace it with?”

That’s a very good question. The answer would be 2xRasbperryPi 4Bs. I’m still working out whether I should bother replacing the workstation, but the webserver is doing quite nicely on the new hardware. In fact, with the SD card as storage and with a comparable number of cores and RAM, the CLI reaction time is MUCH faster. It also doesn’t have the connection lag that the 2B has.

While this migration will mean less of a power draw on the house, it does put some limitations on what I can do without purchasing more hardware, but that’s okay. I don’t need a whole lot. Right now my biggest concern is how long the SD card will last before it needs to be replace.

I am enjoying the progress that is being made in the Pi form factor systems. I’ve got some ideas as to what I can to with the other system. Which spins off into what I can do with a couple of the other systems I have kicking around the house.


I really have to hand it to the wordpress backup plugin I’ve been using. I was able to copy over the base wordpress setup, and create bare mysql entries and restore everything into place quite nicely. Quite nicely indeed! Nothing was lost and the most recent wordpress has checks built in to make sure thing run as they should.

web gallery aternatives

I’m undecided if I want to keep gallery3 or not at http://pics.wtfwasithinking.org.  The code was last tweaked over a year ago.  It’s stable “enough” but uploading from iPhoto isn’t getting any easier.

Funny thing though, all the alternatives I’m finding seemed to have stopped production in 2013.  Most recent Stable releases are from 2013 for just about everything I’m seeing.  I find this a) kind of odd and b) slightly troubling.

Is 2013 when the book of face made photo sharing usable on their site?