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Moar Upgrades: storage edition

So I’ve been facing a long-standing issue with the web server. When accessing a few directories, the latency in command execution would be horrible. Doing an fsck didn’t help. Fortunately, I migrated it to a DeskPi Pro some time ago. One of the nice features is the ability to use a standard laptop SATA drive, […]

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Do you know what is a REALLY good idea to have when your neighborhood has occasional brownouts? Take a guess. Do you know what helps protect your 3D printer and octoprint server from someone accidentally flipping the wrong light switch? Go ahead, guess. Do you know what helps you connect to the rest of your […]

Switching it up

The other day Raspberry Pi foundation finally made their 64bit version available and the new standard for their installs. So, you know what that means… For as much as I enjoy Ubuntu, I’d really like to run the OS build for the Pi on the Pi, so migration was in order! Now, this was barely […]

Ubuntu 21.10 on the RaspberryPi with Docker

My Ubuntu install was nice enough to tell me that the 21.10 version had finally been released! So like any good upgrade-addict, I gave it a whirl! And It broke docker. Which was the only thing really running on the Pi. However, it was also hosting my blogs. Through many searches, I finally stumbled across […]

Conference Pi

Idea: Use a Pi hooked up to the living-room TV with a webcam to make family and group video calls easier to manage without having to frequently rearrange computer locations. Parts: Raspberry Pi 4B 8G Ubuntu arm64 w/Xubuntu Desktop HDMI to miniHDMI cable USB-C power adaptor Webcam USB Webcam Pi Cam Connectivity Options: External keyboard […]

Adventures in Nagios (Version 4.4.6)

So, for a while now I”ve been wanting to try out Nagios on my home lab. But until recently, I never had a real reason to dig any further than “yep, got it to install and see the localhost”, especially while I was riding hi on ESXi on a real server. Everything I could want […]

Migrations and Upgrades

Well, it’s only upgrades if you look at the power the web server now has. I have finally bitten the bullet and took steps to retire the ESXi server that had been hosting my web server and my windows VM. I will miss the compute power that I had at the ready, but anything that […]