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macOS and Docker woes

For the past three weeks I’ve been struggling with getting a puppet instance up and running in Docker on my mac. Then spent too much of my weekend trying to get glueton and transmissions to cooperate in Docker. Hours were spent scouring google, forums, tech sites, etc. The only answer found was, “must be a […]

Switching it up

The other day Raspberry Pi foundation finally made their 64bit version available and the new standard for their installs. So, you know what that means… For as much as I enjoy Ubuntu, I’d really like to run the OS build for the Pi on the Pi, so migration was in order! Now, this was barely […]

Ubuntu 21.10 on the RaspberryPi with Docker

My Ubuntu install was nice enough to tell me that the 21.10 version had finally been released! So like any good upgrade-addict, I gave it a whirl! And It broke docker. Which was the only thing really running on the Pi. However, it was also hosting my blogs. Through many searches, I finally stumbled across […]

Now you’re playing with Docker!

So, I’ve been hearing about this docker thing for a while now. Poked at it a little bit, decided that it really wasn’t for me at the time. Mostly because I didn’t understand what it was all about and just figure it to be yet another software development tool. I was partially right, and yet […]